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Stupid, bloody tummy ache!!!!!

Ok, it's not just a tummy ache I have GERD, and it got upset due to eating cheese, tomatos and ... Alright, I had 2 pieces of piazza, ok? I'm the one suffering with this, and I thought hey, what better time than now to watch some of my anime collection. I watched the whole Bubblegum Crisis 2032 and 2040 series, and I just put in Tank Labor Patrol. (?). Sorry if I got the name wrong, I'm tired. otherwise, it was pretty yuckie day. I didn't get up till 4pm, but I didn't get to sleep till 8am, due to tossing and turning.
I guess I'm getting ready for Turkey day! Yeah!!
One of my best friends already gave me the bird (?????) so it's starting out gloovy like.
Hope you all have more than you need. A lot won't this year. It's pretty bad out there.

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