Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

ok, I didn't get the newsletter done.

I had other work to do, like sleeping in, calling and answering the phone most of the afternoon. and comforting my neighbor since our stupid city wants all the good citizens to have their sidewalks cleaned by Monday morning, so school kids can walk to school. Yay for them. except the snow is over 16 inches in places and snowblowers don't seem to work too well with snow piled that high. so out comes the shovels. thats great, if you under 30 or so. if your older than that, good luck. I'm going to see about helping my neighbor with her walk, even though she has already contracted a company to do just that.
otherwise, I'm waiting for the "Toho 3 film dvd, H-man, battle in outer space and montha. I can't remember the first monthra movie. so this should be a treat.

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