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What a week, glad its over

Lets see. Vet came over to inspect Blazes leg to see if he had broken it. Nope, just the minor aches and pains of arthritis. I am still waiting on the CD-R shipment so I can start burning music CD's for Christmas. It's fun, its simple and by golly, it is cheap if you already have most of the stuff. I had to spend way too much this past week just to get ready for it. I've now replaced both the color and black ink cartridges in my inkjet. that almost cost me more than a new printer would cost! I'm relearning how to sucessfully use a trackball, optical mouse thingie. Wow, I'm in love with Microsoft once again. Watched as the garbage man picked up our raked leaves; the poor man should have taken a break: 19 bags, 2 leaf containers. and you can't tell! It's raining right now so I guess I'll have to wait till the rest of the leaves dry before I vacuume them up.
otherwise, the next few days should be spent creating my web pages. see you later.

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