Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Three Dog Night?" Nuts. how about a one puddy Kat night!

it was cold, not -25 like it was for my friend out in MN. How can they live out there. Of course, my other friend is in Denver CO, they have over 200 inches of snow. "Won't somebody share with us?"
Oh well, another one kitty kat night. This night, Scooter decided to sleep underneath the covers. That really helped keep "us" toasty. Yeah for animals.
( try doing that with your fish bowl!)

Tonight I'll be finishing up watching "Ergo Proxy". I really like that series, but I guess I'm really weird. I mean, I'm counting the days till "Sailor Moon" gets re-released. Yes, it is.
I also got a bunch of stuff done with the club's newsletter. it's only 5 months late.

I guess, I should get busy with it, huh.

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