Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Here comes the winter freezing rain, snow and sleet. yay me.

golly, this could be the "BIG ONE". The last "BIG ONE" dropped a whopping 2 inches of snow. Get out the snow blowers. ha ha ha. Maybe this will be the time of seasonal bliss. I love the snow. It's just walking and falling down with this darn ice underneath the snow that I hate.
and not being able to tell where the ice is and isn't. Good luck.
My pal, who I had dinner with last week thursday, got out of his truck when he got home, and proceed to use his walker to go inside his house. his feet or walker, slipped on some ice and he didn't fall, he slid, and scraped his knee. He has advanced diabetes. I probably will not see him till spring, if everything heals that is.
I hope it works out great for him. his wife is a nurse too, but considering he is too and the state of his health, that might not mean much.
So now I'm watching the remainder of "Red Garden" and will make out a grocery list. hint hint, kitty litter, and food. The cat gets better treatment than I do.

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