Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

For all who may have commented in my journal and have ....

wondered why I haven't responded. Simple: AT & T YAHOO! E-mail program. I don't use the Yahoo! mail program, I use Microsoft Offices' Outlook. YAY. however, some time back in November, the stupid Yahoo! mail program, which I do not use, upgraded itself. about 80% of all of my E-mail went a sitting in a spam folder!!!! I know this, because I've just gone through 2,145 E-mails. YAY's me. God Bless the people at Yahoo!.
Now, I have to sort through about 60 different folders and play catch up with really late E-mails.
Sorry if you responded to me and I seemed like I was being snobbish. I wasn't. Yahoo! was. The rats!

I think all is better now.

There, now maybe I can pick up my catching up with my correspondence. I hope.

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