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It was a dark, stormy night, when all of a sudden......

BOo Wo0
I'm a card carrying Democrat.
There, now thats out of my system. well, got the Jack-o-lantern carved, picked out the right size candle, bought 5 bags of small candy bars, and my bro bought about 5 bags of suckers, so we're pretty set for tomorrow night. The weather man now forecasts S.N.O.W, and it will accumulate. Yikes. I guess this is a good sign. We may have a terrible winter. YES! With real snow driffs, icy roads, snowmen walking the neighborhood patrol. Wow. Now to be stuck inside the house with a mug of hot chocolate, and candy and watch DBZ or DB or any good anime till spring comes. ah...
ok, I'm going back to dreaming and figuring out FrontPage.

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