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Snow on Halloween??? But my dog is 1000% better!

Yes, its true. all by hisself, Blaze simply got better. He now walks around as if nothing had happened. I'm so relieved. I thought if he didn't get better, I would have to op for something else. he just walked into my bedroom, and knocked over 50 cd's. Nice doggie....woof.
Well, it looks like S.N.O.W. for Halloween. yikes. I was hopeing to have all of the leaves off my lawn and my neighbors before the trick or treaters came by, but I guess that isn't going to happen. yuck. Gosh, I guess that means I'll have to eat ALL THAT CANDY BY MYSELF.. Somebody has to do it. sigh.
I just loaded 1.8 gigs of music off my cd's onto my computers hard drive. this way, I can use Windows meadia player to make up play lists and burn my music cd's. Only problem-i run out of room. I had to move some photographs just so I would have the space for the music. Good thing I made up partitions, huh.

Well, I guess I should go now. night night.
and BOO.

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