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It's soup!! Windows XP !!

Ok, its been a whole 7 days since we moved all of the *guts* of my new computer into it's new case. Tonight, I loaded one anime music cd, 2 world war 2 song cd's and get this, I'm actually listening to Windows Welcome music. I kid you not. It reminds me of all the moody, eerie, scenic music from Tangerine Dream. What a kick! But I seem to have a cd player that likes to over run its buffer " it speeds up, but doesn't copy anything" And this is a $120.00 Philips CD burner. What a world! I love music. ah...Last year for Christmas, I burned a lot of CD's for people who never had anything personal like that done for them. It puts a smile on my face when I think how so simple a thing like music can bring joy to people.
Well, I guess I need to replace this stupid keyboard. Does this ever end!
Now go out and have fun.

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