Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

a beautiful fall day.

one week ago, we started with that stupid 50 mph wind gusts. then the temp dropped and we had snow??

today, it's sunny, temp is 64 and it's just wonderful. so how did I spend it? I got on the telephone a couple of times. waited for a DVD that wasn't delivered even though it was mailed over 2 weeks ago, or so they said.
I ordered "The Road". I am a huge fan of viggo and they say this might be the one where he gets the oscar.
I went out and raked leaves, not the thing to do on a great day like this. the leaves were all rusty sounding and crackling when I raked them up. but, I did fill my yard waste container. yeah.

so tonight, I'll watch the last in the trilogy of "X-Men". ( what trilogy you say? I think this was a marketing gimmick, because the the X-Men The Last Stand sucks.). I couldn't believe how far away they took this last film. and to hear the actors state that this is the last movie in the trilogy gets me to scratch my head in disbelief. they did this just for the buck. maybe somebody will resurrect the series??

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