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"Pumping Iron" 25th anniversity. WOW. It's been that long

I never saw the film, but I was doing just that, working out in a gym 3 times a week. It worked too. I finally managed to lose all that weight I had so much trouble losing. ah, those were the days. 25 years later, Arnold has heart problems and I gained weight cause I quit smoking. Go figure.
Well, my dog is 1000% better tonight, even though I'm so tired I don't think I can even finish those animations I'm doing for the dogs web page. "what I do for critters"
Today was a good day to spend in bed. it was a cool rain and kind of yuckie, not yet November,with its silver clouds and beautiful snow. ah....
Lets see, I got my flu shot 3 weeks ago, friday I could have gotten a pneumonia shot for $1.00, but I was too zonked. Watching over sick pooch had its effect after 4 days.
Today, Saturday, is one of my favorites, we get to "Fall" back, with our time. What a concept. Einstein was wrong. Just put the twisty thing out and you can go ahead or behind in time. ah..
I guess I should put this up and try writing a decent animae for my dog.
I hope you all have oodles of fun, safe, but fun.

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