Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

just over 4 hours to go and then,,,,,THE MONTH OF THE BIRD...

wow, 100 packs of little M & M's and 3 1/2 lb.s of everything else. Almost all gone. it's quiet now. Too quiet. I'm spending the evening between handing out yummies while watching "Godzilla" , "Godzilla Raids again" and "Rodan". A Toho Halloween. Excellent! My pal didn't show up yet. I'm getting worried. School starts tomorrow if he's here or not. He has to attend. My neighbor teacher lady asked if I had chicken bouillon. yup. she has laryngitis. it's also getting cold outside. 44degrees and dropping. Perhaps snow Friday???
well, if you hear foot steps on your porch, don't fear. It's just a little trick or treater. WE HOPE!!!
Happy Halloween.

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