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I'm so tired, but managed to vaccume the lawns anyway..

Oh gosh. I just scrubbed myself till I'm squeaky clean! I had dust in places where, ah.....never mind. lets just leave it that I had dust *all over my body*. I have been exercising
so I can start increasing my matableize: I want to get this excess fat off. I quit smoking about 4 or 5 years ago, ( cold turkey-yuck) and gained a *little* weight. its none of your business how much I gained, except that when I walked across the street to bring the lawnmower back, a guy in a car tried to drive around me and ran out of gas! hmmm
Well, otherwise, It's been a pretty lousy day so far. My keyboard died. Yeah, the new one that I just got for my $1277.00 computer that is really worth $650.00. So, I had to dig up another one. My poor dogs right hip is killing him. It shakes so bad when he gets up, and he has to have help to get up this week. come on weather. change......
Tomorrow I'm going to try and get a pneumonia shot. At my pharmacy of all places. what a world.
Ok, it's time for dinner. beef stew. yum.
If you were here, I'd invite you all. Just wait till I make my cabbage soup. hmmmmm

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