Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

well, here I be...waiting and waiting....

The Gas company is supposed to come and check my meter and pipes. ( no, I'm not getting smart). What a beautiful day. breezy, my pal on the island called and it's raining. yay!  I don't mean that. He deserves a dry spell so he can get his studio finished before winter.   back to it's breezy and sunny and  no rain in the forecast. yay again.

I'm actually getting interested  in planing my trip to Japan.  Why that country fascinates me is beyond me, but it does.  The only back to reality event was when the mailman brought me my phone bill. boy, those guys ( the phone guys) just love to add this fee and that fee, till the bill is no longer recognizable.
Well, time to plan on getting the other stuff done today.

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