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Sad Tuesday....the little puppy died during the night....

Thats how I was greeted upon waking this morning. the poor little 3 week old died at around 3am from bloat, a terribly painful event where the intestines and stomach twist on each other. Life can be so unfair. Little puppies should be held, played with, not buried.
I was up with my guy and only got about 4 hours sleep. His right rear leg was just shaking from muscle spasms. arthritis, I think. So I gave him an aspirin and some other junk. But he still hurt during the night.
I've decided to redo my dogs web site. And now I have a working computer to do so. Yeah. Sunday afternoon, my friends 19 year old son and I moved everything from one computer case to another. The only trouble was a twisted floppy cable, but that was fixed in a minute. yeah. maybe, just maybe I can start to get some use of my $1277.00 computer.
Well, I think thats about it. Livejournal seems to be having trouble, so be patient with them. they're pretty good folks.

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