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Hey, it's only 4:31AM,10/20/2002 and I got more than...

half my "puter" moved over. I had the hardest time with the stupid fans. Here I am, moving over a motherboard with a CPU on board, that has 10.7 million transistors in it, and I'm fighting with a $12.00 fan!! I took a bath for the occasion. Ok, ok. I was procrastinating till the last minute, but as I said, I do get tired of seeing $1200.00 worth of computer just sit there and blink at me. ( do you suppose thats all it can do??)
I moved the 3 1/2 floppy drive, the 40 gig hard drive ( I'm really going to be sorry its so small- my cd music can take up to twice that) and the 2 fans. Then I quit. It was almost 3:30am and I still had to reassemble the old case and put it away. So I quit and watched "X". Now I won't recommend that anime to anybody, at least the subbed version. oh boy! The lead character just has all his friends sliced and diced, and he looks the bad dude in the face and said " I don't want to have to fight you???" oh really. Gee, lets see. Everybodys dead, no girlfriend, no bowling buddies. hmmmmm. Yeah, I can see why he'd say that. Non violent type. To the point of extinction?
I guess I'll have to start making a list of who's Naughty and who's nice for Chrismass gifts.
Night and cross your finger for later todays final assembly.

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