Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

well, another day sitting by the side of the road watching...

the sweat roll off my nose. dew point 70, temp 89.  This  is really getting/ got old fast. another Ozone action day, free bus rides but don't mow your lawn.
but, relief is just 24 hours away. radar indicates a large line of rain heading this way and a cold front.

so much for my yard work. but, I don't feel too bad. mr. squirrel is hanging upside  down on the telephone pole, hind legs clasping the pole, and front resting on comcast cable. position is everything in life.

I guess I can spend the day updating the web sites, but I'd rather do that when it's not SUMMER!
Oh, I put a roast in the slo cooker this morning. what an aroma. yum.

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