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Don't you just hate it when.....

Well, the yelling for the remainder of today is over with. Finally after 7 days, I got Windows98SE to load on my BRAND NEW DUAL PENTIUM CONFUSER. yahoo! I even loaded Quake II ( pry my fingers from the jou stick, mom ma) Wow, I've never seen a 3D game before. Now I know why folks have a hard time deciding on getting a gaming computer or business: GAME ON DUDES! ( dudettes too).
So, for about 1 1/2 hours, I was a very happy camper. Then, I went to get a cup of coffee at 3AM. Big mistake. Everybody knows computer munchkins just wait till the USER gets up and leaves the computer alone to do their dirty work. They did. It locked up and since then to now, I have not been able to load windows98se. I get the message reboot ( good name for a show!) windows. IOS failure. I never get any further than that.
So now i'm thinking of getting a AMD K7. Do any of you want to buy a intel plentium 2 450 mhz dual board with both chips???
I didn't think so. But the good news is that Bubblegum crisis is on again tonight. That series kind of grows on you. It's now like Outlaw Star when within 20 seconds you know if your either going to like it or not. At least I did.
So, now I watch the ticking of the clock.
Boy, my computer buddy and I had some words today. I know its not his fault. I'm not blaming him for anything ( he gave me the board and chips.) its just he has some real odd ideas of how to test computers out. I told him the good Lord made the world in 6 days and then rested, and I've been working on this computer for 8 days and I've got the manual!! oh well.....
I hope his feelings are not hurt.
well, like happyfit, I'm really into living through this stormy weather. Yeah!! Thunder, lightening, rain pouring down. ah....... I wish it would stay that way till I went to bed later tonight.
Time to go. got to work on the puter again, yet.
professor ricky, I'm not dr., I just play one on the internet???

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