Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

well, here we go again. increase in temp, humidity and of course,

dew point. it's now just hovering below 70.  come on winter. this is nuts. I have outside work to do this week and starring 90 degree weather in the face isn't going to help me get through it.
ok, it's poll time: How many of you,
1. watched Glenn Beck yesterday
2. actually taped it.
3. went for broke and DVR-ed it
4. something not listed here.

What brough all this on was me reading an article on Japan News today. an author suggested American's were the most mis-informed, gullible people on the face of the  earth. After seeing the crowd at Beck's thing, I have to agree.

oh well.  should we make it mandatory that all people get a college education?  I think it would help.  I hope it would help.  I probably sound like a fancy pants snob. I'm not, I'm just tired of seeing folks being lied to all the  time.  it wears me out.

ok, off the soap box.


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