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Well, heres another fine mess you've gotten us into Stanley...

Ah, gosh, I really miss Laural and Hardy. Thank you Hal Roach!
Well today was the first time I've gotten a flu shot. no ouchie. no redness, only just a little itchy. But even thats gone now. Good. now I can go and put my new DVD/CD-ROM drive into my computer. Yeah. lets hear it for boy-toy-fool. thats right. What a sucker!
Ok,ok. 1,2,3....."Why did I get a DVD/CD-ROM drive for my computer, you might ask?" Because the microsoft company has just released their first ( as far as I know it, that is) software title on DVD. Just think, you can get the latest windows operating system, office xp, works, all the patches and 2nd and 3rd party software titles, and trials, all on one, yes, thats right, one DVD. 4.7 gigs. my goodness. Now if only they could only come up WITH QUALITY PROGRAMS.
I'm still thinking about *that other person*. sigh. I wish I could come up with a idea to help, but I think I'd better wait on this one. Hey, why don't one of you come over, and put this puter together for me, so I can quit this thinking it over till it's last years model?

gosh, I'm rambling. Sorry. I've been told I should have my life sorted out, and put together orderly. ?????
I wonder what they're smoking????
Have a good weekend, and please, play safe.

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