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MY FIRST ENTRY! Hold onto your hats

Ok, so this is no big deal. But it could be. In this space, I decide what I'll write about, whether it be to the depths of my soul, dreams, ( wait a minute, no way. I may someday want to sell them to Hollow wood CA.) I guess being a Live journal, I should start journalizing, right?

Well, to begin with, the music I'm listening to is the best I've heard this year! I would love to loop the cd and just listen to it for hours.... Only Gregorian chant can relax me like this. Don't worry about bills, women, money, women, fixing the roof, the front porch, more women. Then I look down, and there is Yogi, my first samoyed rescue pooch. He is the essences of Regal poochness. He is a sled dog leader and also
a alpha dog: no matter where he is, he'll want to be the big shot. He is very old now. about 14years or so. Nobody really knows, cause he was bought 'cause he's white, fluffy and smiling' dog. The people didn't realize he is a living creature that has needs. They just locked him away in their kitchen for 8 hours a day, and then stuck him in the basement for the rest of the day. Sometimes I wonder about the wisdom of having people live near other animals!
Yogi is almost taking as many pills as I am. His medicine bill last month was over $100.00 and that didn't include the $200.00 visit by his vet. More drugs! But thats the promise I made to Yogi when I got him, I would give him the best that he deserves.and take care of him.
Well, AFD is full of porn adds once again. To think there are people out there making a good living at this junk! oh well.
I am getting excited about finally putting my ZERO_3 computer together. This is my first and perhaps last dual processor computer. Thank goodness the price of Ram has dropped. I'm planing on installing 1/2 gig of ram on this baby.
I have decided if it will be a games machine or work tool. Later on that, and also on why I name my computers. Now I'm going out to watch "Outlaw Star". Man, how I do love that short series.

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