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Sometimes, I feel just like that icon, small and fragile

Well, as you can tell, I'm preoccupied by a dilemma: I have a friend who may be in for some rough waters ahead, but she doesn't know it. She thinks the current problem will blow over, with time. It won't. This is a biggy, one of those issues that can cause so much damage, hurt and tears. I think she is trying on denial right now, and hopefully, that shoe will fit. It won't.
Dam. I can see where she's going, but I can't live her life, yet,maybe I can supply driving instructions, without putting the map in front of her face, so it won't obscure her view of where shes going??
On the local front, the little puppy is doing better and actually gaining weight. YEAH! I haven't heard about the other puppies. My woofer is on new antibiotics, and I think its hitting him big time. Got to watch that stuff.
I'm trying to decide which computer case to put my newly received computer in. $1260.00 for a $650.00 computer. Yeah.See the sign on my backside that says " Kick me or sell him a computer?"
I swear, the next one will be a store bought. Just as soon as *YOU* give me the money, that is.
Lets see, North Korea probably has nukes ( yes, they might use them) Iraq, yupe if he had them that is. There are times like these I'm glad I'm not raising kids. But, if I did, I would probably get more involved in my local affairs and stuff.
Ok, now go and enjoy a wonderful weekend.
oh, blaze the wonder dog said, *WOOF*

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