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Life and death.....The Animal kingdom sure can be cruel

I just got off my newsgroup on samoyed dogs: With a lot of prayers and luck, the little puppy may just make it. At the same time, another person just posted that she now has 5 puppies, but the mother didn't make it. And then I pet my old aged guy, Blaze, and hug him. It's taken him the whole of 6 months to trust and love again. " What in gods name did his original owners do to him?"
It makes me think. In tonights newspaper, the lead story was about a dad who left his 2 or 3 year old son in a crack house while he left to get money..
I suppose the list of abused stories could go on and on and on....
I guess I'm tired. Right? I hope so.
Oh, did I ever say how great it is to have met you? It is. Your very nice and my life wouldn't be the same without you.
Now I can sleep cause I've said whats needed saying.

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