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And......It's another Saturday night,,,,

Well, I thought I started that off nicely.
Today I woke up after having what can only be called an "interesting" dream. I was headed back to college, and met all my friends. Wow. I sure miss that. But its also time to get off my butt and start performing. I know how to write, I know how to design web pages, I know how to date women. Ok,ok. 2 out of 3 isn't bad. shucks.
I'm trying to discover how to write my humor onto paper. It aint easy! Horror, I can write. History, forget it. Too much documentation.( I like documentation, but it takes oodles of time) Dam. I know how to write, now why can't I put humor there.
I am now waiting for the UPS truck to deliver my computer motherboard. Then, instead of getting creative, I have to test the darn thing out. I love computers, but I also am about 8 months late on doing things. Nuts.
I've met some supper friends on LJ. The one lady is really kewl. I can see she will definitely have an influence, on my writing. "GOOD".
"Do I get depressed?" When I was little, all the neighbors thought something was wrong, cause I liked being alone. hmmmm. later. This is something that will require either Bach or Sibelius(SP?).
Now, I'm off to finish watching 3X3 eyes. I kind of like it.

Ok, I hope you have a nice, happy, sloppy, Saturday night. You deserve it!

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