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Ah, the first week of September and S..coooooL...

Gosh, today I'm feeling pretty good. I mowed both lawns again, got paid for it and now can go see the stupid doctor on friday???? " AM I STUPID AND CRAZY OR WHAT???"
Oh well, had to get that out of my system. I've been meaning to welcome Lurkerdome back to AFD, but guess I waited too long. "Hey, we all have problems, what the hell." Toran and I have gone around in circles, but it never got really out of hand or nasty.
I simply miss his knowledge of anime ( I wish I could amass that much info in such a short period of time.) If you read this, "Welcome back".
Now to the pits......
I'm seriously thinking of buying a put together computer from now on. I just sank over $300.00 in a hard drive, video card, modem, ram, ect ect. and guess what? The #$#>( mother board is bad! And they don't make it anymore and I can't get my no money back ( it was given to me- you think I am complaining too much???)
So, after I write this, I'll go check out 's site and see what they have.
Man, and I was already to play quake III with a dual processor too. Nuts! oh well...
otherwise, this past weekends labor day coffee stop put on by our ham radio club was a success. although several members seem to have gotten sick after the event. We helped out a whole lot of folks with coffee and donuts and cookies.
If you want to see what the club is about, go to
I'm the web messer at the site.
I can't believe Dragonball. Wow,it was worth waiting to see this series before the continuation of the post cell saga ( what else am I going to call it, I don't really know that much about dragonball but by what I read on AFD and see on CNT) I really love this Arikas work. He must really love life and the people in it. Now here is a guy I would really love to meet.
well, time to visit the computer store. Gosh, I'm beginning to hate these things..

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