Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

The Shadow knows....

a nice quiet evening. the cat jumped onto my lap, and curled up. I petted him till he fell asleep. but he woke up and  jumped down. I then got a taste of his nails. He tried to jump back up, but the chair moved. My hand was his only holding point. ouch.  But, we made up. he jumped back up ( when did you ever know a  cat not to get his way) and fell asleep.  I want to be a cat too.   well, some times, anyways.
I guess, he can stay a cat and me a people.
funny summer. rain, cold, sunny, warm and  blistering hot. ????  should I get a swim suit or not???  I think not.
but its nice to see the kids out of school riding their bikes around. this neighborhood has  been decimated by foreclosures and old folks moving out. then the slum lords buy in and presto. there  goes the neighborhood.
oh well.  things will change.

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