Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

well well well....another afternoon, another garbage hauled out.

Life is like that, you know. actually, it has been a great day. I'm not limping as much as I used to and the pain has been reduced. yeah.
I'm sitting on the front porch, watching storm clouds move overhead. The weather man said it would be sunny today.  I guess if you look carefully through the rain drops, you might catch a glimse of sun.
I'm deciding what to fix for din din.  goulash? chili, hamburger steak or zoup????
I watched Hellraiser last night. yup. had nightmares. wow. good movie. weird director / writer.
I think Frankenstein is on the program for tonight.  I was wondering what new flicks are worth watching?
I see our local Eye on Video store is no more. I don't know if that is the whole chain, or just here.
well, out to the kitchen with me. I was hoping you might help me out, but what the hey.

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