Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

see, I told you I'd be back.

it's been a long day. I finally got to walk around without the stupid cane. yeah.  I finally got the wording right for the appreciation plaque and now I thought I'd watch something wholesome .  Hellraiser. something to help me go to sleep. good family entertainment. right.
tomorrow is garbage day. yuckie poo. empty the kitty litter thing. the other stuff and see about the stupid AC. how in the world I'd get that down to the curb I don't know. but clean up day is fast approaching .
oh, I got my Dr.'s bill.  $180.00 for a physical????  the worse part is he gave me a boaster for a bunch of stuff. 8 years ago, it cost $10.00. Today it is $89.00???? and the nurse charged me $32.00 to give it to me.
Boy, did I ever pick the wrong area to work in.

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