Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

ouch. leg still hurts, but its getting better.

I just got a note from an old friend. He said we could get rid of Obama in 2012???   I told him I wanted to keep him.  My friend gets ALL his  news from FOX.  now that should tell me a lot. it does.  I probably shouldn't get so upset, but I do. Why do people get their advice from idiots??  can't they make their own minds up, without a script???

Let's talk about something nice and friendly. ok.  how about faded levi jeans. now theres nothing in the world that feels so nice, and soft and cozy against ones skin as faded levis. I just wish they weren't an arm and a leg to buy them. ah. dream on dude.
now, its a nice and muggy monday night and the humidity is awful. yuck.
oh, did I mention schools out. yeah. 
ah. rain tomorrow. cool things off.

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