Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

wow, low dew point, lower temp. I can breath now.

and, I'm not sweating. yeah.  maybe tonight I can finally go to sleep not covered in my own sweat. yuckie poo.
Do any of you know how to make your own LJ themes?  I know if I look hard enough I'll find something. just hopping you might know a way quicker.
Well it's Burger King Thursday. that means, if Bob come into town for his art class, he'll pick me up and we'll eat the fast food junk. yum yum.
then, I have my drugs to pick up if possible, and the net tonight. then, I'll go over to "THERIGHTStuf" and see what  goodies they have  on sale.
what a beautiful, cool, nice day.  i could enjoy this till the  cows come home.

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