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We want your business......"just fill out these forms....

I have had it with "friendly" stores, who say, they want your business, but then refuse to take your personal check. I was at Eye on Video, just like I do once or twice a year. ( I usually wait till they sell there used- oh, I'm sorry, I mean, previously viewed- videos and pick out the really great ones. Tromaville, Blue Moon, other stuff that just didn't make it, but they stock it to rent out. they had one in the reanimator series, for $4.96. oh wow!! I pick up my treasure and plop it on the counter. A new clerk sees me starting to write a check and asks like I have the Blue death on my fingers, if I have an account with them. "Account"? why in the world would I want an account with a chain store that will be boarded up within the next 6 months??? It seems they must have been burned, so now, just to have the privilege of writing a personal check, they want you to fill out 1. There store application for an account. 2. 2 photo ID's 3. a major credit card would be helpful.
I bet if I could supply them with the winning lotto numbers for the coming year they would be happy too!
Sadly ( for them) I didn't have the time. I had an UPS truck coming with windows XP's SP-1. So I left. But I also have the feeling, I'm not going in that store again.
So, here I be, taping this ridiculous Kaie guy on Dragonball Z. I bet poor Akira is tossing in his sleep over this one.

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