Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

great summer. now here comes the fall?

ok, am I dreaming, or is this a cold, cold front pushing its way east? you know, theres a pretty good difference between 73 degrees and 43 with cold rain. I think I'll make goulash again.   yet. still!
calgon, take me away...

I won't be able to sit on the front porch till one week from now?  well, everything is nice and green and we do need the rain. but 30 degree temp drop, we can do without.
I'm waiting for my pal to show up so I can put gas in his truck. about 23 gallons at $3.01 per. ouch! then, we eat at a well known establiment: ( Burger King to you). Hope they get the order this time. please....
Tonight, I have that stupid net on and then I get to watch .......hmmmm Not sure  yet what  I'll watch. This would be a good night for Dragonball  or DBZ , or GITS.
I had a shocker roo this afternoon. I went to surf over to the Frank Frezetta web stie only to find out the museum is closed the family is feuding over his business. It's a long story. Poor man lost his wife last year in July and seems she was the business person in the family. ( I think most women are, but men will never admit it!).   Shame, he's such a nice person and I love his work. Wow!
Time to get ready. see you later.

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