Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

How many of these women do you know, or have heard about?

I got this from Seawasp.

Ganked from [info]purplekitte 

A list of 100 famous women from the last hundred years or so. Bold those you know of without having to google them...

1.Melanie Klein
2.Muriel F. Siebert
3.Julia Child
4.Valentina Tereshkova
5.Nadia Comaneci
6.Virginia Woolf

7.Carrie Chapman Catt
8.Barbara Walters
9.Ella Fitzgerald
10.Simone de Beauvoir
11.Harper Lee
12.Eleanor Roosevelt
13.Jiang Qing
14.Rigoberta Menchu
15.LaDonna Harris
16.Estee Lauder
17.Betty Friedan

18.Elsie de Wolfe
19.Dolores Huerta
20.Margaret Sanger
21.Elllen Ochoa
22.Emily Davison
23.Hannah Arendt
24.Alice Paul
25.Jody Williams
26.Mary McLeod Bethune
27.Ann Landers
28.Gertrude Stein
29.Mother Theresa
30.Benazir Bhutto
31.Hillary Rodham Clinton
32.Dr. Sally Ride
33.Phyllis Schlafly
34.Billie Jean King
35.Golda Meir
36.Toni Morrison
37.Rosalind Franklin
38.Grace Hopper
39.Lillian Smith
40.Betty Williams
41.Shirley Jackson
42.Gloria Steinem
43.Amy Klobuchar
44.Margaret Mitchell
45.Wilma Rudolph
46.Gwendolyn Brooks
47.Babe Didrikson
48.Jane Addams
49.Eve Ensler
50.Laura Ashley
51.Maggie Kuhn
52.Sandra Day O'Connor
53.Coco Chanel
54.Rosa Parks
55.Elvia Alvarado
56.Margaret Mead
57.Victoria Woodhull
58.Ruth Bader Ginsburg
59.Martha Stewart
60.Jane Roe
61.Linda Ellerbee
62.Rachel Carson

63.Daisy Bates
64.Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
65.Angela Merkel
66.Virginia Apgar
67.Agatha Christie
68.Barbara McClintock
69.Marian Wright Edelman
70.Maya Angelou
71.Laura Ingalls Wilder
72.Suzanne Lenglen
73.Esther Peterson
74.Sonja Henie
75.Marie Curie
76.Anne Frank
77.Jackie Joyner-Kersee
78.Maria Montessori
79.Dorothy Parker
80.Helen Keller
81.Nancy Brinker
82.Anita Hill
83.Frances Perkins
84.Condoleezza Rice
85.Lise Meitner
86.Pearl S. Buck
87.Mary Leakey
88.Madeleine Albright
89.Mary Quant
90.Jane Goodall
91.Ruth Handler
92.Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
93.Sylvia Plath
94.Gertrude Ederle
95.Jean Nidetch
96.Helen Gurley Brown
97.Emmeline Pankhurst
98.Emma Goldman
99.Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
100. Madeleine L'Engle

Interesting. I seem to have got 52. My age is showing.

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