Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

A sunny, hot and busy Thursday...

But I got a lot done. The main thing didn't happen. I went shopping and then got back in time to go with bob to fight 5PM traffic to get.....two erasers..........
wow, this  was simply ridiculous. over 30 minutes to get two erasers.But I did get to hear a cheer from a local meeting of a TEA party.  Wow, what a bunch of idiots. Being played and don't seem to know it. I'm seriously thinking of holding my own Tea party.  Thats Enough Already. No more  hate, no more poison! But I'm sure it wouldn't catch on. No hate.

i' m relaxing by watching Mamoru's "Avalon". Gads, he's a great talent.  Tomorrow I'll try and pick up the back yard. THe grass is  getting tall but I'll be hanged if I will mow it yet.  Ah...the weekend. here it comes.

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