Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood......ok, in almost everybody's neighborhood.

70 degrees, sunny, no wind and not one cloud. and we're supposed to hit 80 within the  next few days. where is the late winter snow and rain? I picked up the trash, ( whatelse to do on a beautiful day)  and then, my pal who dis'ed me, stopped by to pick up his stuff. He didn't call or communicate. surprize. I had it all boxed up like it was being shipped out. Yea. lets hear it for me.
Then, my neighbor lady called to say she had a extra large piazza with our names on it. yea.  couldn't ask for more.
after she left, I started to clean up the dinning room table. this is where I pile all my bills. so, on goes the paper shreader and  in goes the ancient bills.
The last few minutes of March 31th. Yea again.
My other friend is planing a trip to Africa on a photo shoot. should be interesting.
I'm still thinking about going to Japan next year. starting to look good. Or, visit Sue in chicago. that would be nice too.
I made absolutely no headway in selecting a new computer. wow. what junk they have out there. I'll keep going.

now you all have a nice April 1th.

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