Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

doing laundry, watching "Sky Crawlers". typical Friday night?

I know. I should be out, dancing, drinking till I get sick, coming home and cooking something that by the time I"m done with it, it is     unrecognizable. youth.
otherwise, I did manage to get 4 pages of the newsletter done so mr.editor can plow through it. thats good.  Maybe, I can talk my pal over in Muskegon to going to see Avator. doubtful. he doesn't seem too interested in it.
I watched a documentary on Japanese travelers taking the last flight out of one of there airports. It was by NHK and it was good.  I know I'm going to like visiting Japan. but I guess it will have to wait till next year. I hear passport fees are about to go up. yuckie poo.
back to the movie.

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