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It almost worked!

I know there is a reason why I have learned to take my time putting computers together: EXPERIENCE!!! I got back from the coffee stop deal at 12:20 AM and ate my din din. I rested up a little and thought, "Hey, why not upgrade the systems bios?" ( at this point in time, the reader should be aware that I'm becoming a legend in my own mind). I plugged it all in. Darn these new ATX boards and cases. The off /on switch is on the back! I flipped the old switch, it hummed to life. Then I watched as it tested the ram. all the way up to 256megs. Oh, how I wish I could have found another 256! Later.
I then saw the bios displaying the twin processors and also that some dum dum plugged both the hard drive and floppy cable in backwards! It was near 3:00am, too late to be fooling around with cases and wire. Nuts. later tomorrow.
Now, pet yogi and go to bed. tire and my back hurts. Hey, Cowboy bebop is on later today. Yeah.

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