Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

a most interesting day....

I read the mail and picked up the garbage for tomorrow's pickup ( I bet you can't stand all this excitement, huh?) I started composing the newsletter and then my antenna people came over. No, not for digital TV, just Short Wave kinds of stuff. Got that done, and worked a special event Germany Ham station DR775TMG. A town celbrating 775 years. cool.
Took a bath and here I be. Watching "Demon City Shinjuku. I'm watching it with english subtitles. What a difference!. 
It's back......S.N.O.W.  this coming weekend. not a lot, but enough to make me sick of this for the rest of the year. yuck. Never ever thought I'd say that. I love winter. But this has been crazy.

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