Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

A beautiful day, with a sad ending...

it was about 64 degrees outside again, and  it was nice. saw my first joggers out today wearing shorts. yeah. no more fur pants till......Sunday.
We're supposed to get snow starting Saturday through Monday or so. Well, its still March.
Bob came over and he was feeling much much better. we picked up 4 loafs of Natucket bread and then I pumped $50.00 worth of gas. It will be over $3.00 a gallon by April, you'll see.
We then ate at Burger King with a gourmet meal of greasy fries, hamburgers and too hot coffee. yummy.
Then I got home and had a phone call from a neighbor. There had been a shooting. He thought it might be somebody I knew, but no, I didn't know him.

Seems, a 33 year old guy was riding a mopet with his girlfriend and a cop stoped him for a traffic violation. The cop was going to arrest him because he didn't have a drivers license???? the guy ran away and turned with a gun in his hand: the policeman fired 5 or 6 times. This is what is being reported in the local news.

over not having a drivers license.

It was a sad ending to a great day.

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