Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

A good day.

I got a lot of loose ends taken care of and am planning on re-doing my dog's web site. Yes, I have a web site for my dogs. Actually, Samoyed Rescue pooches, usually, old and crippled dogs nobody wants anymore. Thats why I've named the site "" The things I've seen and heard. People can be so cruel and self-centered. some times, I feel like we've only taken a few steps out of the cave!

But, then I see my neighbors and how they struggle but carry through. That helps restore my faith. yeah.

My pal brought over a rack of ribs tonight. yum. not much fat on them either.  Don't get the wrong idea, I do not eat that much meat. I'm a confirmed greenie and ricey person.  With some green tea thrown in for good measure, when I can get it.
Scooter the cat wants oodles of attention today. this week.  when he's awake????
There' s something special about a fur ball sleeping in ones lap.

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