Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I'm starting to really feel old...

my two best friends are having terrible times with diabetes and a crushed neck bone. ouch! This is the fourth day for both  of them and today, the one would always want me to go and get bread with him. not today. I just pumped $49.00 worth of gas for him and got him 6 dark chocolate Hersey bars. ( yes, he's the diabetic). and today, was the most beautiful day of the whole year so far.  We're  supposed to have rain some time Wednesday, but it will be nice to clean off this dirty winter yuck.
I'm working on the web sites and boy, that is sure eating up my time.  I wish I could afford Adobe's "BIG SUITE" of programs. oh well, nice to wish.
 oh well, scooter the cat is  telling me to go to bed.

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