Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"I hate mornings"

The squirrels aren't even up yet.  But, it was  nice to be able to walk  on clear sidewalks. Even if it was 28' degrees.  The day was spent exploring web making tools. like Macromedia.  Now if I only won lotto!!  I then did the laundry and waited for the mailman. I don't know if he came or not. We have a new schedule for mail now. it has to do with empty houses and shorter routes. or thats what they say. I think this is a classic example of privatizing the postal system. whoopee. 
My Bob dude came by and we went to the Nantucket bakery. They know me by name now. Friendly bunch.
I had to get 8 skones. I can't seem to understand why somebody would want them, but hey, I like spinach too. I guess I'll have t o try other baked goods there. oh  well.  I'm now watching "OVA Dead girls" from Red Garden. I like that series. it kind of grows on you.

so, who do you think will win the oscars this coming weekend???

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