Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

The great neighbors are still at it...

I can hear the snow blower as I type! It's been snowing most of the day,  just light stuff. but it all add's up.   I had a piazza for dinner. boy, did I ever goof on this one!  make memo: do not order ham, mushrooms and green peppers. for some reason, not apparent to me, the stuff slid off the piazza onto my lap.    My neighbor from across the street came over and we chatted. She is concerned about her work and friends. I tried to help her out, but held back from what I really wanted to say. Somethings should remain within our lungs.

I also decided to see if I could find Bing Crosby singing "Too Ra Lou Ra Loo".  Found it. and not only that, but the really lyrics to it also. Now this is a lullaby one would sing to thier kids. I heard it when I was a mere shaver myself. My grandfather was irish and I felt that influence in my early years. I'm glad  and thankful for that.

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