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"Better than your average Time Machine"

I just finished watching "The Time Machine". It was a better movie than I expected. I thought I'd be flooded with CG and ILM stuff up the ear. oh, it was there all right, but it actually helped move the story along and was tastfully done. My opinion.
I'm getting allset to rebuild my computer again....yet! Thats another 3 weeks that I couldn't use it. I do have work to do and this aint getting it done. Darn microsoft for making products that will only run on a pentium processor! At least this time, I can put on my new Photoshop and acrobat. I can't wait.
My arthritis is tossing me for a loop. It gets better, and then there are nights like this... Oh well.
"Tis better to experience life than merely look at it"

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