Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"New Ham's Dinner"

Hey,we had a terrific time. This time around, the food was excellent. No kids running around and no blizzard.  I had chicken. yum.bashed potato's and a roll. yeah. But $15.00. Seems a bit pricey, but, I guess todays prices are a tad high.
Saw a lot  of friends I haven't seen in a while and that made it nice. The whole event lasted 2 hours. just about right.
Now I get to push and pull the photos on the web site and hope they line up.
My pal's wife is in town for their grand daughters first birthday. ah, it must be nice.  She's the one I gave my stuffed bear to.
Well, time to get ready for s.n.o.w. yuck. but hey, it's still the  middle of winter, right?


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