Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Time to spend with The Gargoyles....

I was just thinking that it was about 10 or more years ago, that I happened upon the Disney channel, while exploring DirecTV's channel line up. I couldn't believe I was seeing the Garg's actually on TV again. This was great.
My direcTV is gone, I tried Comcast. I'm not sure if Disney is still showing the Garg's or not. probably not. Toon's were so good back a few years ago.  Boomerang, ah....Thunder, the barbarian,  Jonny Quest.  ( ok, so maybe that  doesn't count)

If I want to watch toons, I usually have to either rent them ( really bad experience with rented DVD's) or buy them. The price is usually right, but one does run out of room.
My biggest achievement today was getting ready for the gala tomorrow afternoon. We're having a special dinner to welcome new people who have moved here. however, we're having it at Fire Mountain, which is good, but we need an banquet room, and we can only get it between 2PM and 4PM. so much for calling it a dinner.

oh, we're also expecting a snow storm here Monday. yeah.

now all of you go out and kick your shoes off, but be careful.

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