Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I've been ashed!"

How dare he! and right in front of everybody else too!  ( of course, they were all getting ashed too, but what the hey).
I saw something I haven't seen before during Mass.  A little boy came out and lite the candles. but he had to strecht to do it. We thought the poor lad was going to knock something over before he was done. But then something miraculous happened. He lite the candle and then turned around and walked down from the shrine and, dropped down to both his knees, and let his head touch the carpet! I've never seen anybody bow that low before!  and he did it after lighting the second candle!  That did more for my faith than all the reading I'll do this coming week! His parents must be something!
He inspired me to fast the whole 24 hours today!.  

to be continued...

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