Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Going down memory lane.....sort of...

it was three years ago today, that  my brother died in the chair that is across from me.  He was treating heart pains with ant-acids!
How much things have changed since then. It's like friendships have unraveled and other folks just faded into nothing.
I'm sitting here, thinking of calling my brother's best friend. I know they all miss him a lot.   Good friends who help others out are like that.
and I miss him too.

Fat Tuesday.  Big Bob had me go into a bakery and get 18 punzkies(SP?). I got myself one cinnamon twist stick. yum.
otherwise, besides attempting to shovel my driveway out, nothing else  happened.

Now, back to "Big O".  where ever do they find these names for series??? "Big O"??

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