Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

That was the bst week I've had since before last September..

Well, my pal got up and went to the furneral. Seems they knew each other when they were honest to goodness hippies. It was a sad time, due to the fact they had all got older. ( picture the  in crowd on geritol!)  We then prepaired the table saw for transportation to  Morris Mn. He's going repair it and then build the rest of his house with it. It's great to see a old piece of equipment finally being used for its intended purpose.
So while he left, my other pal with the  diabete's showed up. He wanted to get bread.from the Wealthy street bakery.
In order to do this, we have to bring out the walker and  set it up. of course, this is taking place on a busy business route with snow banks and ice. Now, my pal, using the walker, weights in at around 400lbs.  A one legged diabetic using a walker  on a icy street with freezing rain in the forecast. Now that I've set the stage, maybe you'll understand why I was a tad upset.  If he should fall, ( he's done so every couple of weeks) there's no way I could get him up.
He then showed his appreciation by buying me a dinner roll.
All in all, it was a great Saturday.  I ended it by making a huge salad and warmed up goulash. yum. Great way to start the middle of the weekend.

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