Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes, I'm really stupid....Look before you say something...

in my other post, I said it would be nice if "Hell Girl " the second season, was going to be produced.  Well, I googled and discovered not only did they produce a 2nd  season, but just finished up the 3rd season!  It should be out in April of this year.
oh well.

Mr.Computer ( the electronic geek) makes a house call and counsels over the phone.  It's true, I'm a legend in my own mind!!!!!

My pal's oldest son is hooked on Warcraft and his computer has been freezing up while on line. I talked him through finding the event viewer and we discovered nothing! So, we ended with him uninstaling Norton 360 and then if that doesn't solve the problem, try to find new drivers for his video card and sound card.  Me? I think it is Norton freezing. earlier versons were famous for this.
Then, I just got a phone call from my neighbor lady. Her computer wouldn't turn on????
It is runing vista and I thought it might be that.  We'll never find out. I pressed the esc key, thinking it was the power on off key and then actually hit the on key. it came on. slow as frozen water, but it eventually did manage to come on????
I can't help it. I guess I was just born with a bunch of zero's and one's between ;my  ears!!!!!

ok, I'm out of here.
have a fun filled thursday.

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